It’s pretty cool that you’re here. Whether you’re tire kicking or landed here by some really obscure search, I’m glad you made it. Here is where I can convince you what a really smart decision you’ve made to look me up. I could fill this page with lots of fancy corporate jargon and magical mojo salesy language. I could do that but I’d prefer to take a different approach.

No jargon, acronyms or attempts to impress. So what will you find here? Laid back , honest communication. I can promise you that it’s unlikely I’ll stick to a theme or even a posting schedule. (Hey I promised honesty!) I can however promise that you will get the real me, sometimes unpolished and other times bright and shiny. My business is PR and Marketing Communications, and you may see the occasional post here around those topics but I anticipate sharing more of my own personal writing, reflections and musings.

Grab a chair and stick around for a bit, I’m happy to have you here!

If you are interested in learning more about my business, or hiring me to help with your communications needs, please visit Words For Hire.