Dude, Where’s My Website?

Last week I had planned to take Thursday and Friday off. My planned time off was reduced from two days off to ending my day 30 minutes early on Friday. After a sleepless Friday night I had planned to treat myself to a little relaxation on Saturday. Unfortunately, hackers had other plans. Two of my websites were hacked and defaced and it was good-bye R&R hello hacking recovery. You can read the postmortem on the attack over at the Words For Hire Blog.summer moon

I still feel a bit shaky. It’s a lot like sleeping in your home after a break-in. Even after you have disinfected, changed the locks and added security you’re a little wary. All in all it made for a stressful sprint into the summer season. Now, it’s time to shake it off and look to the week ahead. Time to work on bylines, content, social media campaigns and new messaging strategies. How about you? What’s on your agenda this week?

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Karen Swim is the Founder and CEO of Words For Hire, a strategic public relations agency that helps companies identify, connect with and engage their target audience.