Solo But Not Alone

Last month I had the chance to take a break from the Michigan winter. I got a healthy dose of warmth from the weather and the people

solo pr summit

Mary Ellen “Marketing Mel” Miller and Amanda Miller Littlejohn

that I met at a Solo PR conference held in Atlanta. In fact I had several down right sappy moments as I realized how much it means to be solo but not alone. Even the fiercely independent solo needs a cast of support to fully realize the power and potential of running your own business.

The two days I spent at the conference provided the benefits of a business incubator in the company of generous thought leaders who were happy to hold up pom-poms to cheer you on to your next level. In addition to practical tips like how to better promote my brand, and how to turn my website into a lead generating terminator, I walked away with a deeper sense of why no man is or should be an island.

You can read more of my key insights and takeaways on my guest post at MBO Partners. Please stop by and weigh in with your comments.


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